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NOTE: This help file was created by Warfly from steamlessproject.nl

WON2 Patch for Linux Servers

Create a plain text file named hlds_nowon.c into your server's /hlds directory. 
Open it and add the following line:
int NET_IsReservedAdr(){return 1;}

Compile the c file.  The following command should suffice:
gcc -shared -o hlds_won2.so hlds_nowon.c

Note: Users running 64-bit versions of Linux have reported difficulties with 
the above command line, although Fedora only seems affected for now. Should 
you have problems getting this to work, you must force gcc to compile hlds_won2.c 
as a 32-bit file, or consider installing a 32-bit version of your distro in a 
virtual machine or natively. You can also consider to use the second method below.

Next, edit /hlds_l/hlds_run and add the following line under the first line that 
starts with "export":
export LD_PRELOAD="./hlds_won2.so"

Add the parameter +sv_lan 1 to whichever script you use to start your server.